APSALIQ COLISTIN 3 MIU/ml - Oral solution

Composition:  Colistin (as sulphate) 3,000,000 IU/ml.

Target species and indications: Cattle (calves), sheep (lambs), swine, chickens and turkeys: Treatment and metaphylaxis of enteric infections caused by non-invasive E. coli susceptible to colistin.

Posology: Calves, swine and lambs: 0.33 ml of medicine/10 kg b.w./day, for 3 - 5 consecutive days in drinking water or artificial milk replacer in calves. Chickens and turkeys: 25 ml of medicine/ton of b.w./day, for 3 - 5 consecutive days in drinking water.

Withdrawal period: Cattle (calves) and sheep (lambs): Meat: 1 day. Milk: Not authorized for use in animals producing milk for human consumption. Swine: Meat: 1 day. Chickens and turkeys: Meat: 1 day. Eggs: 0 days.

Container:  1 L bottle and 5 L drum.