Committed to the environment
preserving natural resources

Our Code of Ethics, in accordance with the demands of our profession, describes the values, principles and ethical standards on which Andrés Pintaluba wishes to base its development and growth, whilst building relationships based on trust with its customers, collaborators and business partners.

At Andrés Pintaluba we solidify the foundations of CSR with three fundamental pillars:

Social and Environmental Responsibility
The growing commitment companies have to society gives rise to new challenges that must reconcile profitability and responsibility. The awareness of the existence of these risks generates new demands and pursuits for Andrés Pintaluba, which have an immediate impact at both the organisational and management levels of the company. Andrés Pintaluba and all our employees and collaborators give consideration to the impact of our actions on the community, people and the environment.

Compliance and Ethics
We demonstrate integrity, ethics and transparency in everything we do. We offer products according to current legislation in the field of animal nutrition and health. We comply with the policies and procedures of the organisation. We respect the confidentiality of business and personal data. We respect the professional standards and regulations and the local and international ethics relating to our activities. We are committed to complying with our obligations and responsibilities regarding occupational health and safety. We demand the same commitment from our subcontractors and suppliers and we monitor the selection and ethical behaviour of our partners.

Since its inception, at Andrés Pintaluba (APSA) we have aimed to be a flagship provider in the field of animal nutrition and health. We aim to guarantee the safety of people, animals and the food system, always from the perspective of offering a wide range of products and services to our customers, based on Quality and Sustainability.