The Pintaluba Group is made up of a conglomerate of 
12 companies based in 6 countries

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Andrés Pintaluba.
The parent company of the Pintaluba Group. Experts in additives and premixes for animal nutrition and health.
C/Prudenci Bertrana, 5, 43206, Reus (Spain). Tel.: +34 977 317 111.

APSA Internacional. 
Started in Buenos Aires in 2001 with the aim of increasing the supply of products for animal health and nutrition. Sustained work and commitment has meant that today it is one of the most prestigious and recognized companies in the domestic food market, and with the same approach it is penetrating other Latin American countries and the rest of the world.
Juan Lumbreras 1800, SIP General Rodríguez, CP 1748, Buenos Aires (Argentina), Tel.: +54 0237 485 7300, Fax: +54 0237 485 7301, www.apsanet.com.ar.

APSA Italia.
Started in 2016 with the aim of marketing Andrés Pintaluba's products at a European level, especially products from the APSA FEED INGREDIENTS and APSA SPECIALITIES divisions.
Via Giorgio Caselli 11 B, 44124 - Ferrara [FE], (Italy).

Founded in 1995, with the aim of improving marketing and increasing industrial activity and sales in the human and animal health market in Portugal. The headquarters is located in Lisbon.
Campo Grande, Nr. 30 4º A/B, 1700-093, Lisbon (Portugal). Tel.: +351 217 81 56 20.

Pintaluba Brazil.
Its direct operation was established in Brazil in 2007, where it currently markets medicinal products and additives, specializing in the sale of value-added products from the APSA SPECIALITIES division.
Rua Alexandre Herculano 120 – sala 114, Piracicaba - SP – 13418-445 (Brazil).

Markets and distributes products for FEED INGREDIENTS. 
Str. Eroilor 54, 075100 - Otopeni (Romania). 

The APSALAB laboratory is accredited by ENAC [Entidad Nacional de Acreditación (National Accreditation Authority)] for ISO standard 17025 according to the last technical annex in force. It has one of the most well-equipped laboratories in the sector, with more than 1,300 m2 of space, and more than 20 specialists committed to guaranteeing the quality and safety of 100% of its portfolio, providing the most stringent microbiological control and physical-chemical analysis services.
C/Prudencia Betrana, 5. Pol. Ind. Agro-Reus, 43206, Reus (Spain). T: +34 977 317 111.

Made up of a team of 12 specialists who work together with universities, technology centres and companies in the development of products, the exchange of advanced technology and in new markets (smart foods, meat quality...)
C/Méjico, 33, 43204, Reus (Spain). Tel.: +34 977 317 111.

APSA Logistics.
Logistics services with its own ADR transport approved fleet of 24 trucks for solids and liquids to meet the needs of Andrés Pintaluba customers.
C/Prudenci Bertrana, 5. Pol. Ind. Agro-Reus. 43206, Reus (Spain). T: +34 977 317 111.

It began its journey in early 2003 with the aim of providing solutions in the field of additive dosing and automatic process control for the agri-food industry on its path towards biosecurity and good manufacturing practices, and offering turnkey solutions.
C/Adrià Gual, 11, Pol. Ind. Agro-Reus, 43206, Reus (Spain). T: +34 977 317 111.

Created in 1995, it offers integrated microbiological control services in the food chain according to the HAPPC system.
C/Prudenci Bertrana, 5, Pol. Ind. Agro-Reus, 43206, Reus (Spain). T: +34 977 317 111, www.adiveter.com.

C/Prudenci Bertrana, 5, Pol. Ind. Agro-Reus, 43206, Reus (Spain). T: +34 977 317 111, www.alifarma.com.