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Andrés Pintaluba is committed to finding new nutritional ingredients through the EFECBIOTA project "How the ingredients in animal nutrition affect microbiota and animal welfare".

Reus, 01/7/2020 – The project, driven by the Foodservice Cluster, focuses on increasing the degree of technical knowledge on the effect certain ingredients have on microbiota and their connection with animal health. It also aims to understand the effect that administering a particular ingredient has on the microbial populations present in the gastrointestinal tract and on different parameters involved in animal digestive health. This will enable Andrés Pintaluba to market new ingredients in response to the social, environmental and economic challenge posed by the directives on reducing the use of antibiotics in nutrition and animal health.

The project, with file number IRCR19-1-0026, involves the Eurecat Technology Centre and is supported by ACCIÓ of the Government of Catalonia. It is part of the 2019 Competitiveness Reinforcement Initiative scheme for projects that strengthen business potential.

In this respect, the Government of Catalonia is developing policies to support the business network through the Directorate-General for Industry and ACCIÓ, the Agency for Business Competitiveness, designing and implementing lines of work to assist companies in the economic transformation process. Cluster policy plays an important role, in this case the Foodservice Cluster, which reaffirms its position and leadership as a promoter of the project in the field of healthy animal nutrition, responding to the paradigm shift in the use of antibiotics.